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We Want Our Dreams to Blossom in Foreign Lands

What is the spirit of a craftsman? This is a question we value greatly here at Tokorozawa Alloy Foundry. Making things that realize dreams, enrich lives, and create happiness. Realizing the challenging dreams of engineers with our ideas and technology. We strive to complete our tasks, never forgetting to be creative, at times with a playful spirit, and always with a new and fresh insight. This is our spirit of craftsmanship. Our technologies and craftsmanship and the engineers’ ideas fly off to the world, and bloom and bear fruit in foreign lands. We truly love being good craftsmen here at Tokorozawa Alloy Foundry.

The Manpower to Support Cutting Edge Technology

Machines Don't Work Without People

The precision and cleverness of Japanese hands are globally acclaimed. Craftsmen with special skills have emerged from our culture and have accomplished unbelievable work. We believe this is a culture we must cherish and hand down to future generations. On the other hand, lately in the world of manufacturing, computers and machines with great precision have appeared. We ourselves have installed such machinery, and have gotten astounding results from their use, especially in standardizing the quality of our products. Still, we strongly believe that there will be no growth and development in manufacturing without the wit of man. our customers pour great passion into making things and our staff work and devote ourselves to realize those passions into shape. Our products fly out to the world, take root on a foreign land, and blossom into new flowers. We always want to be a part of this wonderful process.

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